Services For Businesses

SONY DSCOur work culture is one of high stress. It is no wonder that workers are running on empty, using sick days, and losing their inspiration. At The Vitality Center we understand that companies see employees’ as their most valuable assets so we want to provide the care they need to stay healthy. Network Care revitalizes employees, reduces sick time and increases worker productivity. As a public service The Vitality Center offers free lunchtime seminars for corporate and small businesses to help teach employees about stress reduction, ergonomics, and living a healthy lifestyle. These classes can transform the creativity, productivity, and morale of any office and its employees. Please call our office to set up a consultation to find out how our office can help yours.

Services For Individuals

Network Care is life transforming and a great fit for anyone looking to boost their bodies natural ability to deal with stress. Some BENEFITS include:

  • EASE in your body
  • Greater range of motion in your neck and your body.
  • Reduction and Elimination of Pain
  • Greater Clarity and Insight
  • Greater Physical Ability, flexibility
  • Better sleep, eliminate insomnia
  • Reduction or elimination of Headaches
  • Gaining more insight into who you really are, what your potential really is, and gaining the courage to step up in your life.
  • MUCH MORE satisfaction with life. GREATER QUALITY OF LIFE.
  • ALL the energy you could need to give and contribute to humanity
  • The opportunity to explore all parts of you, accept all parts of you, and exchange to the greatest version of you.
  • Newborns benefit tremendously from having their spines checked. The very first structure to form in a newborn is the spine and nervous system. Our office is kid and baby friendly and our staff will watch your newborn/child while you receive your entrainment.
  • Sports enthusiasts. Let Network help take your game to the next level. Athletes gain more flexibility and range in their abilities to perform and set new goals. We can help you achieve those goals faster and with more sustainable outcomes. Network doubles the wellness/outcome quotient for those that engage in other wellness activities (exercise, yoga, meditation, nutritious diet).
  • Network is beneficial for families as the dynamic between family members is one of ease, comfort, and understanding.
  • Pregnant women have seen a marked benefit in pelvic stability and comfort during pregnancy and after birth.