Dr. Jane Arzt, DC


Dr. Jane Arzt D.C. is the founder and the principal practitioner of The Vitality Center. The Vitality Center has been in operation since May of 1997.
Jane attended Washington University in St. Louis as an undergraduate and graduated from Life West Chiropractic College in 1995 with honors. She has studied Network Spinal Analysis since 1991. She was a part of the staff for many years, and worked on people from all over the world, delivering thousands of sessions. She regularly participates in both learning and experiential seminars to further advance her skills as both a network practitioner, and as a loving, intuitive, nurturing human being. She loves to support people in becoming who they are set out to be.

As the mother of three girls, she is committed to family care and enjoys working with children, and teenagers. This care is particularly potent for teenagers finding their way.

Jane is an avid student of Thomas Huebl ( and is currently immersed in a two year Timeless Wisdom Training with him. She has followed all of his online classes since 2014. She also spent 13 years immersed in the studies and practices of Siddha Yoga. She participates and brings Family Constellation work to the office. She has participated in 21st Century Transformation Retreats, has studied all the works of Alison Armstrong ( All of these studies have supported her personal growth, bringing a remarkable clarity and depth to her work. Jane is a true seeker and loves to work with the integration of body, mind and spirit of other seekers.
Jane is fluent in French, dapples in Italian and enthusiastically welcomes foreign speakers into her practice.


Vanessa VerLee

1486011_10202413971898209_1550409724_o Vanessa VerLee is a Wellness Educator who, over the last 15 years, has facilitated countless people in connecting themselves in more peaceful, nurturing and energized ways.  Vanessa’s greatest professional passion has been learning and offering the transformative tools of Reorganizational Healing including Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI).  She also a writer, illustrator and a performing singer-songwriter who has produced and recorded several albums and regularly organizes community music events around the Bay Area. It is Vanessa’s purpose in life to inspire and illuminate each person she encounters, so that they may feel the depth of their worth and width of their gifts in embodied, sustainable and beautifully contagious ways. For more about Vanessa, check out her website at: