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If you ever watch Jane work before you are on the table, it looks elegant and frankly a little weird. Yet, when you engage in network care, your life begins to change for the better! Watch Jane speak about the essence of what she does as a practitioner of Network Chiropractic.


This process of Reorganizational Healing and Living takes time, work, and diligence to really reap the benefits. What sets Network Care apart from traditional chiropractic and other modalities and why does it require the amount of time and effort that it does? This video explains the benefits of Network Care, the power of its comprehensiveness as a healing modality, and why you might consider engaging it and/or what supports you in understanding if you are already under care.




There are so many different components of Network Care from Triad of Change, to your primary strategy, somatic intelligences, seasons, and levels of care. In this video, Jane breaks down what each level of care is about and what you can expect to feel and experience to a certain degree within each level.


You may have heard Jane refer to what “phase” you are in at any given time during an entrainment. In this video, Jane explains how what phase your body is in shows Jane what is going on in your life. The more you understand this, the more you can receive the feedback your body is giving Jane and that she is translating to you. The entrainment will help you relax and knowing what phase you are currently in can clue you in to what to pay attention to in your current situation to most compassionately host what is arising to the surface of your body and awareness to be healed.


We don’t get so many opportunities for stillness in our lives. Receiving Network Care gives us this space of openness to let go and receive and also can stir up a lot of thoughts, physical sensations, and emotions. In this video, Jane describes how you can relate to your inner experience while on the table in ways that are helpful to your unique life and tendencies.


Network Care often catalyzes internal and external changes within an individual. Each individual is embedded within different systems including their family. When one facet of a a system changes, it is important that the other facets of the system be acknowledged and supported to evolve as well. Learn more about this from Jane by watching the video:


So much of Network Care is about reducing tension within the spine and nervous system? If children have not been subjected to a life of stress, do they still benefit from care? The short answer is YES! Watch the video for more information about how Network Care can be a powerful way to increase your child’s resiliency and capacity to deal with life’s stress.

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