SONY DSCNetwork sits within the wellness paradigm. Instead of trying to fix, cure, relieve what is not working in you, we amplify the parts of you that are working and use that to facilitate healing and ease to the rest of your body. In a study of over 2,800 Network practice members at the University of California, Irvine the following changes were noted:

Improved Physical State

  • Less physical pain, less tension or stiffness of spine.
  • Improved allergies, eczema, skin rashes.
  • Fewer incidence of colds and flu Fewer headaches.
  • Less menstrual discomfort.

Improved Mental/Emotional State

  • Positive feelings, less angry outbursts, less depression, more interest in life.
  • Improved ability to think and concentrate.
  • Less anxiety and concern about vague fears.
  • Improved ability to stay on task.
  • Less distress about pain.

Improved Response to Stressaba784eb-51f6-460e-874f-b82622435989

  • Positive and patient reaction to stress caused by family, significant relationship, health, finances, daily problems and work.
  • General well being.

Improved Life Enjoyment

  • Openness to guidance by “inner voice feelings”.

Experience of Relaxation & Wellbeing

  • Positive feelings about self.
  • Interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Feeling open when relating to others.
  • Confidence when dealing with adversity.
  • Compassion for, acceptance of others.
  • Incidence of feelings of joy or happiness.

Enhanced Quality of LifeSONY DSC

  • Extent to which one adapts to change personal life.
  • Improved handling of problems and accomplishments in life.
  • Look at life as a whole.
  • Overall contentment with life.