What Practice Members Are Saying About Network Spinal Analysis:

Network has been one of the anchors in my life.  Network has empowered me to be more proactive about keeping my body healthy.  It has made me aware of how I used to not sit up straight in front of the computer (I hunched) and helped me to enhance my posture.  I now stand tall when I walk and I “lead with my heart.”  My heart isn’t open just in my posture.  My heart has opened in a spiritual sense and allowed me to be present and fully embodied with more people in my life.  I now have calmness in my body that I can access in difficult times.  I move stuck emotions and energize blocks more easily.  There is more peace and grace in my life.  If I’ve had a difficult day I can come in and get entrained and find my peaceful center again.I explained it to friends by saying that you get “adjusted” by light touches that bring your awareness to areas that are storing energy (ares with stuck energy).  The awareness allow you to access this stored energy and use it as fuel for transformation and growth.

Todd S.


I believe this work has made a difference in the quality of my life physically and emotionally.  I can’t explain it but I know that something has changed in the way I think, behave, move and the way I make choices in my life, that I was unable to make before.  The ability, the strength, the courage to let go of a relationship that had not served me for a long time.  Although extremely painful, I knew that it was time.  Only after starting this care was I able to know deep within, that now I could take that difficult step to move forward and do what was truly best for me.

I look forward to the future and how network care will help me live the life I was meant to live!

Kate P.


Physically I have noticed many changes – my posture of course is much better and I feel like it takes me so much less effort to sit straight, stand tall; my balance has improved and I have a greater sense of my “center”.  I have noticed that the wear pattern of my shoes has changed (my left food use to wear really off center) now both beet wear more evenly.  Great!

Emotionally I find its easier to identify what’s bothering me when I am upset; actually a lot of stressors just wash over me (some things stick, but not as many and as long).  Happy times seems sweeter and I feel more engaged with life.

Cynthia B.


A friend convinced me to try Network, insisting that every day I didn’t was a missed opportunity.  Those were strong words from him!  I’m so grateful.

Life has opened up as this body has opened up, welcoming me back into communion with life in every moment.  The mind is a wonderful thing, and it’s an ever greater miracle to see it get over itself and fit back into the infinite sets of nested contexts that make up samsara.

Thank you for supporting my emotional outbursts along the way, and for pointing me to greater possibilities.  So grateful for all.

Misty W.


When I go to the chiropractor I feel very much better after.  Because it makes me feel happy and strong.  It has some Testimonials2_NSAmagic.  The people there are very nice and kind. 

I love to go there because it makes my spine not grow like this: C

But it makes it grow like this: I

I like it. 

Marlene (8 years old)




Recently I had the good fortune to meet Jane Stoloff Arzt, D.C. and learn about Network Spinal Analysis.  I have studied and practiced several bodywork modalities, movement re-education methods and body-mind integration techniques since the mid 1980’s.  I have had standard and non-traditional chiropractic treatment for several car accidents over thirty years and I work with self-healing techniques.

I was surprised to discover that in just a few weeks of treatment with Dr. Jane that I experienced a new balance and stability of my lower spine and pelvic area.  I have had chronic movement-alignment problems stemming from poor movement patterning in infancy resulting in repeated injury and restricted movement and pain along the whole left side of my body, especially the joints of my pelvis, knees, ankles, feet and neck.

With the release of spinal tension I have been able to make great strides in supporting my body in establishing a more balanced walking gait.  I experience greater flexibility in my hip joints and less knee and ankle pain as a result of these shifts.  My neck and shoulders are more relaxed and I am experiencing a new balance of my head over my trunk.  I also feel a freer flow of spinal fluid and energy through my spine at both a gross and subtle level.

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Jane Stoloff Arzt and Network Chiropractic.

Alayne G. (Developmental Movement & Perception Re-patterning Specialist)  


When having a very stressful day, I find that when I go in for an adjustment, within minutes my body and mind are in a sleep state of relaxation.  I recently dozed off on the table during an adjustment when a few minutes earlier I was all tensed up with concerns from my job.  At times when I have stopped treatment I have noticed a gradual loss of vitality and zest in my life.

John F.


Above all, there is an overwhelming feeling of recognition and reunion, of coming home to myself, within myself; of being lighter, more awake and at home in my body and in my life. I have more energy for my physical disciplines and overall a much better outlook on life than I did just a few short weeks ago. The skepticism in me has been replaced by inspiration, optimism, and curiosity.

Full-Story: Humpty Dumpty meets the Magician G.D. Fed Ex employee

This care has affected all aspects of my life in a profound, thought-provoking way. Physically, I experience less tension and am more aware of my posture and my overall sensory experience. Emotionally, I experienced this new interesting sensation of feeling a negative emotion, and wanting to “store it” or “put it away” within myself… but there was no where to “put it!” I have become much more emotionally authentic and have started to acknowledge my emotional/physical responses to stress. The overall quality of my life has definitely improved.


I came to Network Spinal Analysis because of my upper back discomfort and I have been receiving relief from this and much much more! I have learned to really listen to and hear the messages from my body. I now feel that I actually live in and with my body. My sleep is deeper. My joy and inner peace is deeper. My gratitude for life and learning and grace is deeper. The quality of my life has improved and I make choices for me and my caring for myself. I love my body and act in ways that show it. My gift to my body is Network Spinal Analysis.


I believe this work has made a difference in the quality of my life physically and emotionally. I can’t explain it but I know that something has changed in the way I think, behave, move, and the way I make choices in my life, that I was unable to make before.


Since I have started receiving Network my sense of self and my body has improved dramatically. I am now sure that perfection is a possibility here and now. There is a peace and a sense of stillness that I experience on a continuing basis. There is a continued experience of so much space throughout my entire body which results in so much energy that I feel throughout the day. Even when I get tired I now seem to recuperate a lot faster. My strength and breathing has improved. Thank you Jane for giving me so much!


I go to Dr. Jane so she can take my fears away.

4 year old practice member

My stress level is down…amidst the most hectic and intense period in my life professionally/spiritually. I feel more naturally centered. I am less reactive and more responsive to others and to myself. Oh yeah, and my whole body feels, walks and talks more calmly and confident than ever before. Thank you for the sweet gifts.

Practice Member after four entrainments