April/May 2017 Newsletter

We are delighted and excited to share our news, passion and curiosity for Higher Consciousness Healing and Embodiment.

Free Flowing with Life

Last summer Scott and I spent a blissful weekend by the Russian River, camping under the stars and floating lazily down the river with the sun on our backs. There was an effortless ease about going with the current and a mixture of curiosity and fear about where we would end up.

At the Vitality Center we are passionate about helping you find ease and flow in your life. As Lao Tzu once said “Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force”

Using NSA, SRI and subtle awareness coaching, our aim is to create coherence in the spine and nervous system. We are energy efficiency junkies! Less tension in the nervous system means more energy is available for the highest version of you to show up in each moment. Using 3-sync integration, we encourage a greater awareness of your body sensations, emotions and mental chatter. The simple act of acknowledging emotions like fear, sadness and frustration and feeling them in your body creates more ease and presence.

These are exciting times for those who are ready to move with the flow of life and we look forward to serving you at the highest level.

Artwork by Lila Galindo

There’s lots going on in the office. First of all we would like to express our love, blessings and gratitude to Lila who is leaving the Vitality Center to pursue her love of art and coaching. She has blossomed over the last eleven months and we would like to pass on our thanks for her smiles, support and unwavering commitment to the practice. Our best wishes to her for the next steps on her journey. She is open to art commissions and you can contact her on lilagalindo@gmail.com

We are delighted to welcome Kelli Rubin who will be taking over at the front desk.
Kelli is a writer and creative director who works with the Five Elements to help wisdom-sharers say what they’re trying to say to the people who are ready to hear it. With a background in feng shui, acupuncture, and reiki, she is well versed in the language of energy. You will sense her groundedness, and belief in this work and what is possible. Please welcome her into your hearts as kindly as you did Lila.

From Thursday Jane will be on a Thomas Huebl retreat in Colorado and will be back in the office on Mon 1st May. It is a 10 day silent retreat with no communication from the outside world. So please celebrate and prosper and thrive in my absence and under Shea’s care. She is an incredible practitioner, and gives 110%. You really don’t want to miss her!

Scott will also be away for a few months visiting family and friends in Scotland. His last day in the office is Mon 24th April. It is with a very sad heart, that he will be absent, and am already imagining him working with us via FaceTime. Anything is possible in the modern technological world. So let’s see what can happen…



Vanessa will be joining us on the following days  for SRI 

Fri 14th April

Mon 17th April

Fri 5th May

Wed 10th May

Mon 15th May

Wed 24th May

Food is Medicine – Hemp Oil

After trying Hemp oil ourselves, we have decided to sell it in the office. It is a supplement and has many affects. To find out more about its affects you could look at Dr. Merola’s website.  We are only legally able to tell you it is a supplement. And we are amazed about all the positive effects it can have. 


This company has our spirited attention as being the only source of CBD Oil available legally in all 50 States and around the world!  Organic and locally harvested and processed in Spain, this oil goes through a process that makes it effective within 5-10 minutes of oral application!  And it’s 4x stronger than regular CBD oil so less goes a long way!  

We have stock in the office or you can order it online : 


Have an month of curiosity, flow and passion.

With Great Love, 

Jane and Scott

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