August 2016 Newsletter

I hope this Summer is supporting you in the way Summers do!

During this time, some love the temperature of the Bay Area, others yearn for the heat, just on the other side of the tunnel. Maybe you like both? East Bay chill during the week, and hot retreats on the weekend.

However you are managing your outer climate, I hope you are internally thriving, as this season is coming to a close. Often marked by the beginning of a school year, or by the Autumnal Equinox, newness is approaching.

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May you soak up the Summer while it’s here.

In taking to travel and summertime rejuvenation, I have been reflecting on the concept of community and what that means to me.

What does that mean to you?

The tagline for The Vitality Center is Enhancing Health, Community, and Joy, and when I hear about how people in the practice are meeting and interacting, it brings a sweet, tender warmth to my heart.

Last week in the office, two people discovered they had the same birthday! Two others realized they attend the same school, and two parents found peace in sharing parental woes and joys. Being in a shared healing space there’s a human impulse towards tenderness for those having strong emotional experiences.


I am touched by how we all care for and take joy in each other. THIS is the core of The Vitality Center; to feel, to connect, to care, to support, all together.

This is the core of LIFE.

If this is still waiting to happen in your life, or if it is in process, please use The Vitality Center as your practice ground. Experiment with sharing from a deeper place, and watch the results…

~ Jane


Saturday, Aug 27 @ 11 AM – 2 PM

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This is an event for you to introduce network care to people you care about, and whom you think could benefit with a more fluid and flexible spine AND life.

You are welcome to come and receive a free entrainment with them, or you may also send them on their own. You may send as many people as you like!

We would love this to be a gloriously attended event. Thank you in advance for putting the word out, and being a part of creating a wider community of healing!

Please sign up to reserve a spot. Call or email Lila.


& Weekend Workshop

This is a profound invitation to experience the Maori Healers, an ancient and indigenous group of people from New Zealand. Private sessions will be offered between August 9 – 11 in Clayton, CA (at the food of Mt. Diablo), and only a few spots remain!
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They are visiting the bay area to offer healing sessions that clear out old energies, and help the body return to its natural, inspired state. Those who have experienced their work say it “will take you to a realm described as ‘life changing’, ‘soul-shifting’ and ’empowering’…you will be very glad you took this opportunity to have a session with them.”
Their enlightening and powerful workshop will be August 12 – 14, from 10am-5pm on Fridayand Saturday, and 10am-2pm on Sunday. The techniques they cover in the workshop center around self-healing, self-empowerment, self-knowledge and stewardship of the planet.

If you are interested, please contact Will ASAP (details below). Myself, Scott and 3 other practice members are partaking in private sessions.
** Contact Will Scott at (925) 325-3168, or

Cost is $150 per session and $645 for the workshop. **

THANK YOU for the courage it takes to show up and commit to your personal growth process.
With Love,

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