June 2016 Newsletter

Summer is a time for ushering in abundance and grounding. How are we each building upon what is working in our bodies and our lives? How can we optimize and enhance strategies for witnessing joy, no matter what is showing up in our bodies, lives and minds?

At The Vitality Center, we’re starting the Summer off with two new team members! Our Office Manager Extraordinaire is Lila Galindo.She joins us with expertise as a multi-media artist, private yoga teacher, and with a background in small business and marketing communications. We are going to have tons of fun with her!

~ Jane



THIS Thursday, June 16th @ 12 PM

unnamed (5)We will be hosting an online class via, a digital conference platform “Zoom”, similar to Skype. This class conversation is an opportunity to ask questions, to delve deeper into your understanding of Reorganizational Healing, and figure out how to speed up your personal evolution. Anyone is welcome!

Zoom is great for hosting remote meetings where everybody can see one another. You can enter the class on your computer or a smart phone. We will be sending out an email the day prior so you have the access information to signing into the class.

Mark your calendars and we hope to see you there! If this interests you, please send us an email so we can be sure you receive the class link by email. Zoom software can be downloaded from https://zoom.us/download.



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To be more fluid… It would be most helpful if you would schedule your appointments in advance. If that is not possible and you would like to come in on the day of your session, please schedule that same day before the last hour. We love to accommodate everyone, and calling to schedule during the last hour, or, dropping in during the last hour creates a back up, and changes the intention of our pre-set hours. We may not be able to say ‘yes’ to the last hour requests. Thank you for helping us be more organized!



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I love the energy in team sports, especially at the final championships. Have you noticed how it creates a lot of energy inside yourself? Have you watched sports at a sports bar? The energy is contagious. So use it to your advantage to fuel up!


Monday, June 27th @ 7:30 PM

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We will be having a Health Care Class discussing the effects of NSA and SRI and Reorganizational Healing.

This is perfect if you are new to care, if you have friends interested in care, or if you just want to be in community talking about fascinating ways to evolve. All are welcome.

There will be a demo for you to understand better how this works, and it is great for bringing new people. We look forward to seeing you there!

* If you are taking Summer vacations, please let us know so that we can best support your NSA care.

With Great Love,

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