May 2016 Newsletter

Hello, how are you doing?
One of the things I have been noticing lately is how much I find myself ‘in my body’, or NOT in my body. I am surprised to become aware that a lot of time is spent not being fully present in my body.
Then, I have been pondering what does it actually mean to be in my body? When I focus on my body it’s about being in present time, dropped into my base, I notice there is a lot more emotion, connection, and love. It is interesting to me that so much time could be spent outside of it — when inside, it feels so much better — in these places of harmony.



Gracious thank you to those of you who shared this work with your friends. It was very nice to spread some seeds and offer them Care.
I intend to offer more of these days in the future, so when you find people you want to introduce to this work to, yet they are reluctant to start, keep this in mind. In my experience, it must be experienced, so when you share this work, the less you say the better. A sufficient ‘it has changed my life in many ways, and I know it would have a big impact on you” is enough to incite curiosity and convey meaning.


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You can watch the entire one-hour video, or check out a few 2-minute clips for morsels of motivation to bring more freedom to your day to day practice.

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