This is the creme de la creme program offered by Donald Epstein, founder of Network. It is a week long intensive where you deeply experience yourself and your programming and get the opportunity to rewire, reorganize and reach for the greatest version of you. I will be attending this program this summer along with two people in the practice. Yay! It is the second week in August and Laura Dabby, the practitioner who spent some time in the office in April, will be taking care of your spines and souls. She is well trained and gifted, so I hope that you will enjoy her work. It is always great to get other practitioners to work with your spine, from time to time, because they will have a different perspective than mine. So please do keep your appointments during that week.  And, I am sure that I will come back a newer and greater version of me, so make sure to come in for entrainments upon my return!

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