Thoughts and Observations

It has been a while since I have put my thoughts and feelings on paper. And in the time period I have been through so much. I am not even sure where to begin. Love. That is always a good place to start. It is so important to create strategies for ourselves that connect us to the truth of who we really are, and that no one, and no thing is going to pull us off track. Because when we can find ourselves there, that is where the love resides.  That is not an easy task, at least not for me. But it is a good time to check in with who you are spending time with. Do they uplift you? Do they support your growth and true gifts? The best way to identify the quality of your company is to check in with whether you are living in your heart and feeling that love.

How much time are you spending alone? Do you take walks in nature? Do you have a good book to read, one that inspires you? I learned that I can get so lost in friendship and relationship that sometimes I forget to spend quality time alone. And without that quality alone time, it is easy to get lost and forget who you are. The ocean is such a nourishing replenisher. You don’t have to do anything but be in the presence of the flow of the ocean, and your cells are cleansed and expanded.
And then there are the distractions. Are you addicted to facebook? Or to your cell phone maybe? These preoccupations can lead to so much wasted time, which can take you away from the time that you need to reconnect. I have been amazed to see how attached to my phone I am. It is not an attachment I am proud of nor that I want to continue. I have been letting it go little by little and I look forward to using it only as a needed resource.
How easy is it for you to be in the flow, to accept things as they come and as they go? Sometimes I get the opportunity to experience how tightly I might be holding on. Donny always says in his lectures, ‘how do you know it is the right thing? …because that is how it is happening right now’. Sometimes I like to fight with the nature of things. And it isn’t really much fun. To accept life as the exact play that is designed for you, and take in the changes as they come, and know that the magic is there all the time, if you can be free in the moment. Sometimes I watch in awe when I see people that really seem to live in this manner. The image that returns to me over and over again is of a leaf, floating its way down a river. It might go this way, turn in here, navigate through a challenging corner perhaps, but it keeps going, unattached, untouched, calm, and sweet.


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  1. Jane, thank you for me finding you — it feels like yet another gift. And thank you the woman in the Mercedez who hit me last weekend! It brought me back to my NSA practice. I am so grateful to read your writings on your site, Jane. They are inspirational to me, and a reminder to me about how work my practice outside of the entrainment environment. With good intention,

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