I am so grateful to have you all in my life, and that you trust me as an element to further your growth in who you REALLY are. I am so moved when I see people’s lives transform, and smell and taste emotion emitting from your cells. The full range of emotion is what we are going for here, to be able to really feel it all. Marshall Rosenberg, Ph D says it so well in his book on Nonviolent Communication where he quotes Rollo May “the mature person becomes able to differentiate feelings into as many nuances, strong and passionate experiences, or delicate and sensitive one, as in the different passages of music in a symphony. For many of us, however, our feelings are, as May would describe it “limited like notes in a bugle call”. Network Care offers the opportunity to play a symphony! I would like to be serving more people in the community, so if you have friends and family members that you know would benefit from this work, please ask Camilla for a gift certificate, and offer them the Initial at half off.I am grateful always to serve people that are important to you.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Jane, How are you? Saw Shannon in NYC with Suzanne. Shannon is good in Switzerland! She found her prince just 40 miles away from Lake Como. Still like to move to Bay Area; work in the works can write and/or photograph. Like to see you too.

    Carl Silverman
    646-712-2947 (e-mail down now)

    p.s. we had both EARTHQUAKE and HURRICANE in NYC few weeks ago! wow…..

  2. TalLily arztlitwin

    inspiring, touching and empowering. we are so glad to have you in our lives as well xoxo mom

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