SRI and Your Homework!

I am sure that some of you know how useful SRI is as a tool for you to use at home, and gain greater connection, and reduce stress. For those of you who might have forgotten, here is an assignment for all of you that I think will be helpful wherever you are at with your SRI.

Start with Stage 1

  • Breath in your nose and out your mouth in the three different positions.
  • Decide which of the three areas has the most peace. Work at this area.
  • Spend a few breaths at that area focusing on the following separately;
  • Breath, Movement, and Energy.
  • Decide which of the three makes the greatest impact for peace in the area.
  • Does breath, movement or energy cause the greatest change?
  • You want to identify your own personal order.

Breath, Movement, Energy?
Or Movement, Energy, Breath?
Or Energy, Breath, Movement?

Familiarizing yourself with this will enable you to be more efficient in your own SRI at home, and I will also utilize this during your entrainments.

So, experiment, and please, let me know what you find.

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