From Summer to Fall

With summer just about behind us, time to store all our great summer memories and plan for the upcoming year. Being from the east coast, it always takes time for me to adjust, or not, to the idea of summer here. To me summer is hot days, hot nights, beach, ice cream, suntans, thunderstorms, books and backgammon. So I got 10 days of that minus the thunderstorms. We spent a week in Cape Cod reconnecting to old memories, and old friends, and then a couple of days in Boston, visiting the areas I grew up. It was great to reconnect, and start opening up old channels again, and at the same time to feel how much transformation has occurred in my life. I have a lot to be grateful for.

Schedule Changes This Month

On Wednesday, September 2nd, the office will be opening a half hour later at 10:00AM so that I can participate in the first day of school events. AND this Friday, September 4th the last entrainment appointment will be 10:00 am, so that I can make my way to the airport to go to the GATE.

Recommit to Your Entrainments

Many of us have been off on our summer schedules, have been taking vacations, and being more leisurely, and so coming into the office has been more sporadic. So, now that we are reestablishing our normal routines, please fit your entrainments back in. The summer has been quiet, and I look forward to seeing you and your spines back in the office.

Next Health Care Class!

The next health care class and introduction to network care is scheduled for September 21st!

This talk is full of information that I believe everyone would enjoy, old timers and newcomers. It is the perfect event to bring someone to who might be interested in this care, and your description of the work hasn’t quite convinced them yet. Let me convey through many avenues what this work can do for them. Please put this on your calendar, and please help me by distributing flyers around town, your favorite yoga studio, restaurants, grocery stores, libraries….. Thank you for helping me spread the word.

Modern Technology

If you ever want to learn more about network and or SRI there is more and more available through Youtube. You ever play around here?

There are some great network videos here. It’s another great way to learn more and show your friends. Just put in network spinal analysis, NSA, or SRI and see what you find.


The healingfest will be happening this coming weekend. Both Michelle and myself will be attending as well as a couple of people from the office. We look forward to coming back recharged and refueled.

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