Summer Moves So Fast

So summer is more than halfway over, and fall just around the corner. It is amazing how fast time is moving. I just spent 3 weeks with Ruby, while Molly was in Jerusalem for 3 weeks with her grandparents and Aunt/Uncle/cousins, and Lily was at summer camp for 1 month. They both returned yesterday, and it is so amazing to watch how much growth occurs in the absence of family. In part we are so responsible for our children, and in part their growth has nothing to do with us, but more importantly to let go, hang on, hold tight, and watch. I am so in awe of my children, and so in awe of their individuality.

2 thoughts on “Summer Moves So Fast

  1. I am about to do big stuff!! I am working on a smemur program for at-risk students. Something fresh and unique. When a potential donor asked why these students were at-risk, to which I replied, because they are subject to the woefully inadequate Education System.

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